Investor’s Business Daily publica un articol critic la adresa CSR, preluat de

For Business, ‘Socially Responsible’ Should Mean Earning A Big Profit

2 din concluziile acide ale articolului:

“By spending the company’s funds on activities that he decides arbitrarily are “socially responsible,” a corporate executive, in effect, reduces returns to shareholders — and is, therefore, spending someone else’s money.”

“Neither free enterprise nor the human condition is likely to experience net benefit from companies pursuing “corporate social responsibility.” Such actions do, however, raise the cost of doing business and lower corporate productivity. By diverting resources away from productive capital, businessmen will hurt many of the very people they claim to want to help.”

Articolul e scris bine, insa critica nu se bazeaza pe altceva decat pe argumente teoretice, rezultate din gandirea lui Milton Friedman sau pe aluzii la adresa performantei lui Annan la UN.


Pe de alta parte, o divizie de cercetare a The Economist, Economist Intelligence Unit, publica rezultatele unei cercetari la nivel global, care demonstreaza ca performanta financiara a unei companii este corelata cu performanta de CSR:

Doing good: Business and the sustainability challenge

Studiul arata ca investitia in CSR nu este o bariera pentru performanta financiara. Mai mult, arata ca in opinia celor peste 300 de CEO intervievati, performanta in domeniul CSR este esentiala pentru succesul per ansamblu al companiei.

Spre exemplu:

“[..] companies in the survey that saw their share price rise by at least 50% in the last three years (share price climbers) place a greater importance on social and environmental goals than companies with share prices that have declined by more than 10% (share price losers).”

“Most executives (57%) say that the benefits of pursuing sustainable practices outweigh the costs, although eight out of 10 expect any boost to profits to be small.”