Ceea ce am vazut in ultimele luni ca se intampla cu SUA, cu UK, cu Turcia si chiar si cu Romania, pe mine unul m-a convins ca lumea, asa cum o stiam, se schimba complet, sub ochii nostri, cu o viteza nemaiîntalnită in Istorie.

In the Middle East, cynical leaders are taking advantage of the desperation and deep sense of insecurity in unemployed young men who are struggling to find a place of belonging and a source of pride. In Britain, racism and bigotry are flourishing spectacularly as the older generation seeks a scapegoat for their growing irrelevance in the modern, globalized economy. In the U.S., what was once a great political party has become an unrecognizable collection of resentments and prejudices.

Articolul de mai jos ne arata, fara putinta de tagada, ca suntem in fata unei a Treia Revolutii Industriale. Care se intampla cu o viteza exponentiala fata de Revolutia Digitala. O Revolutie Industriala in fata careia trebuie sa regandim totul, in mod radical.

All of these changes are culminating in what’s coming next: the Third Industrial Revolution. It promises unimaginable advances in technology and quality of life, and at once an economy that will seem unrecognizable to anyone today — a many-orders-of-magnitude jump compared to the slow buzz of the Digital Revolution… and all within the span of one generation.

Trump, Brexit and ISIS are the symptoms, and technology is the problem